11 year old girl... (the Amelia Gaspard story)

"...as legend has it, in 1890 11 year old, Amelia Gaspard, was put in a designated crying room as punishment. (supposedly for suspicion of dabbling in the psychic realm of psychokinesis! She sat in terror in total darkness for almost two days, pounding, screaming, scratching at the locked door demanding to be let out.  ~ by Ken Meaux

After a long while, she sat silent, dazed, almost catatonic,and now trying to will the key to turn in the locked door with the power of her11 year old girl mind, the very thing she was punished for...accused of hoodoo, conjo gris-gris Cajun style. Upon morning her parents discovered that Amelia was dead! Apparently dying of fright, her attempt to turn the key in the lock with her mind had failed.

old keyThe Gaspards vacated the home when ghostly appearances of Amelia began haunting them..wandering the halls and disappearing. No one has been able to reside in the home since.

Information coming to me is that she wanders aimlessly everywhere now because the old house is no longer in existence...BUT one thing is still around...that very key...yes this key that Ken will show you in his "act", and witnesses to Ken's earlier shows have seen that key "turn" over by itself...as though still trying yo "unlock" that door so long ago!