About Cajun Mystic - Ken Meaux

Ken is a keeper and storyteller of the Cajun Mystique that is disappearing from the culture!

Cajun country is fond of it's fine food, hunting, fishing, and festivals, but there is another part of the swamp land and that is the part Ken Meaux where Ken is on the stage to entertain your group!

Yes, with stuff about the loup garou (werewolf), feu follet (spook lights), traituer (Cajun shamans), reveur (remote viewing), couche mal (night terrors), gris-gris (hoodoo stuff), conjo (magic)...all of the above is punctuated with visuals and audience participation...like a magic act on steroids!!

And last, but not least...lesseur de bonne adventure...Cajun fortune telling when available... You WILL love it!!

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Our Vision

werewolfTo bring to the public mind the remnants and still current legends, lore and traditions of NEW ORLEANS down to the swamp land of Creole and Cajun land.

Ken's Mission

St Louis CemetaryMy mission is to accomplish the above vision with storytelling, and acting out with a special theater of the STRANGE!!

Upcoming Projects

more details coming soon...


more details coming soon...